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THE DIVINE GROUP, LLC specializes in design on many levels and scales. We provide highly effective and creative solutions that answer each client’s unique needs for a fresh look in a room, whole house decor or that special, memorable event. With over 50 years of combined experience in interior space design, we create beautiful homes. From Draperies to Upholstery and Lasting Floral Arrangements, we create comfortable, unique personal spaces, and with client input, can make every special event just that much more memorable.


Please get in touch for further information and to discuss your ideas and future project or event collaboration.

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Review by Sonya S.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful decor design work done by Donna Chase. You can give her your idea of your design and it's as if she has your vision picture painted in her head and your design comes out beautifully. Even if you have no idea, give Donna your favorite color or ideal something needed for your home and she will come up with the perfect design that will make your home feel more perfectly cozy. Donna is a wonderful person to sit down with to discuss your visual design for your home and recommendations to make sure your home interior is at your desire.
Sonya S. 

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