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The Team

Donna Chase

Headshot 2.jpg

Hey Y’all, I’m Donna!


The Divine Group formed in 2006, when Dallas, TX was my home. It grew from my passion for beautiful interiors and pretty things. I love the light and texture fabric brings to drapery design and concentrated on draperies early on. My business expanded to include upholstered furniture design when I started working with Patricia Villacrez in late 2006. In addition, floral design is my comfort and joy and I have predominantly used silk flowers, but recently discovered SOLA Wood Flowers and have a newfound love integrating them in my designs. 


The Divine Group, LLC is now Decorate Chicago! We are now Chicago based, expanding and growing one custom interior at a time. From the smallest project of a custom floral arrangement to a full scale interior design, we offer everything in between! 


I’ve said for years that it takes a village to raise a Donna.  The support of my friends and families every step of my journey, ESPECIALLY my Shifrin Plastic Surgery Family, has made this little dream of mine a shining reality. I continue to LOVE my role with the greatest team on earth at Shifrin Plastic Surgery.  The unwavering support from David A Shifrin, MD and K. Sheila Shifrin, DO as well as Michael Shifrin, Esq. in pursuing my passion when I’m not busy running around the practice has been nothing short of incredible. Nobody could possibly ask for better employers, who have become so much more. They are my extended family and I am so blessed to have them in my life.  


With my amazing team I am honored every day with their involvement in my passion! From my web design team at Ironstone Impressions, Justin and Drea have been invaluable. My son Hayden is our product photographer and captures the beauty in all of our designs.  Patricia, whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with all the way back to 2006 on hundreds of projects. My beautiful daughter Harleigh, who has been with me at work since she was 4 years old, along with Avery, her equally beautiful best friend are now my design assistants, and blessings to us all.    


I’m honored to be welcomed into your home to spread the love and sparkle which I believe the world can never have enough of. 


Many blessings~

Patricia Villacrez

Patricia (2).jpg

                 Patricia brings over 35 years of experience in design, fabrication and creation of custom handmade furniture and draperies 


                 At the tender age of 21, my family guided me in every aspect of home upholstery, from layout, cutting and sewing fabric, to cleaning, design and fabrication of woods and custom furniture structure.


                 After 2 years of hard work and savings at Ortega's Custom Interiors I invested in my own machines and developed a relationship with my first interior designer Diana Smith who taught me all aspects of drapery design and structure from measurements, fabric layout, fabrication and installation. Until her retirement 10 years later, Diana exposed me to many high end interior companies, such as Lakewood Interiors, Fabric Tree, Bed and Windows, Dallas Design Group, Kayans Interiors, and SRT design in the Dallas major metropolitan area.


               After Diana retired I entered Medical Assistant School and supplemented my lifestyle with draperies and upholstery jobs until I met Donna Chase, a gifted and creative designer who encouraged me to come back into Interior Design and Custom Furniture Creations. Our relationship has seasoned through the years, and has led to our current vision at The Divine Group, LLC now based in Chicago.


                I have 4 kids and 8 grandkids, all of whom have been involved in the business of draperies and furniture re-upholstery.

Harleigh Sailer

Harleigh headshot.jpg

My name is Harleigh Sailer, design assistant. As a girl with wild dreams and aspirations, my mom is a huge role model to my future goals. At 4 years old I started modeling for my mom's company and observing as a wild hearted little girl. Now at the age of 16 my aspiration to go to med school to ultimately pursue a career in plastic surgery started after facing my own insecurities. Starting as a 4 year old constantly surrounded by flowers of all shapes and sizes none perfect and none perfectly alike, my insecurities suddenly became motivation. Pushing me to embrace my own flaws without hesitation. Allowing one to feel beautiful from their own flaws through the art of plastic surgery will always be a dream and aspiration of mine. Taking part in the art and design of flowers that are perfectly imperfect put together to make a masterpiece is an amazing pathway to accomplish my life long goals. My mom is the most motivated hard working woman I know and if it weren’t for her I don’t know where I would be. My mom taught me that the only way to reach your goals is taking the first step. Failure is temporary and perfection isn’t possible. This business helped me grow not only as an artist, but as a human. I will always look up to my mom and her accomplishments and taking part in the business is the next step to reaching my biggest dreams.

Avery Lytle

My name is Avery Lytle. I started with Decorate Chicago recently, and I love to create beautiful creations for your household. I have wanted to be an anesthesiologist since 4th grade and am hoping to go to med school when I graduate high school.  I have always loved people and think that the quick interaction of how people perceive me through life is a perfect example of why I love the thought of being an anesthesiologist. My dream school is University Of Austin, UT! I think my employment at The Divine Group and the flower business aspect will enhance my opportunities for med school, so I can achieve my dreams. I love my friends, especially Harleigh Sailer who is involved with the company as well! She has been helping her Mom since she was 4!  She is someone I look up to with her hard work and determination and has a creativity mindset and she creates beautiful flower arrangements that are different ideas than mine. I run errands that help complete my ideas to create these gorgeous arrangements. Growing up I have always been into sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer, but decided that my academics meant more to me than athletics. I decided to put my efforts into school, and I find doing flowers a fun activity to keep me having fun through the hard work.

Hayden Sailer


I’m Hayden Sailer and I’m the team member responsible for product photography. I’m attending college in the Chicago area in the Fall of 2021, with an emphasis in Computer Science. Photography in all mediums has been my interest throughout my life and high school years.  I like the challenge Interior Design presents for my photographic skills, and working with Donna Chase, my Mom!

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